How Tech Helps Casino Operators to Cheat Gamblers

In a perfect world, gambling is considered to be fair. This is however not the case and there are certain technologies out there that aid operators in cheating online gamblers by rigging games.

In this post we discover how they are able to do this – let’s get started.

One of the ways they use it

The process of predicting the right winning number makes the computers need to determine the speed of the wheel (rotary) and the speed of the ball. This may take the computer anything from 3 to 11 seconds. It depends on the design of the computer. The prediction that is calculated can be sent over to the player through the hidden wireless earpiece behind the player’s ear. So, all the player needs to do is to bet on that number.

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Six Typical Steps to Get Predictions

  1. First, the table manager rolls the wheel and launches the ball.
  2. Now a roulette computer needs to know the speed of the ball and wheel before it can predict the winning number. Most computers require the player to click on a hidden button each time the ball intersects with the zero-green number with the metal distributor (diamond).
  3. This tells the computer the speed of the ball and the wheel at a given time. It also tells the computer the rate of deceleration. A computer is never held in the hand or in public but is usually hidden in clothing or in a pocket.
  4. A series of calculations are performed inside the computer to predict the winning number and then the player is provided with the winning number through a mini wireless headset hidden behind the ear.
  5. After that, the player has a few seconds to put the bet. In the end, this is the simplified explanation of how roulette computers work.
  6. In the latter, this is the way most roulette computers work. If the wheel has strong dominant diamonds and a predictable ball rate, the wheel can easily be defeated. But the modern roulette wheels are not so easy to beat, so there are more advanced techniques that are required to win.

Fair gaming is offered to honest gamblers and by honest casino operators. In no way do we condone or promote rigging and unfair gaming practices. Safe and fair online casino sites implement strict and top-of-the-range Random Number Generators to ensure all games are fair.

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