Screens Fault

Laptop Screens Fault – Laptop Repairs in Central London 

Laptop screens can fail in many ways; the screen may be cracked, smashed or dim, it may show lines, random characters or spots. If the screen shows any signs of physical damage, then it must be replaced.

We replace Laptop screens at a very competitive price. Some laptop brands have specific screens that have more features like high resolution, glossy or mat. We can replace the screens from £100 - £150. Apple Mac Screen price vary from £150 - £250. Latest models of laptop brands have LED Screens and these are more than £150.

Laptop Screens can develop a fault of dim display due to many reasons such as faulty inverter board, harness cable, the actual screen itself or the motherboard. If dim display problem is not caused by the faulty screen or the motherboard then the repair may cost LESS THAN £80 depending on the parts.

We have a large selection of screens in stock and can usually fit a new screen on your laptop whilst you wait!