4 Most Popular Tennis Betting Strategies Worldwide

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Sports betting is one of the most exhilarating types of gambling there is, and it really does not come as a surprise. With multiple betting strategies and options, the excitement of the game and following the careers of professional tennis players, it is enough to get any gambler excited.

In this post we will discuss all the different types of tennis betting strategies that you can try out when you start discovering the world of sports betting.

Tennis Betting

Initially, you need to know the different bets available in the Earth Tennis game, so that you can make distinctive and profitable decisions. Tennis betting is branching out too many branches, let’s start with simple betting first, then we’ll talk about complicated betting by professionals.

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1. Betting on the winner

This kind of tennis betting is the simplest type of betting available. As is clear from the name, in this case, we expect the player who wins this game in the case of individual matches, or the team that will win in the case of group matches. When you get an account on a betting site, you will find the statistics that the site shows you in this way: Rafael Nadal: 4/7.

For example. This means that if you bet on winning Nadal, you will get a profit of $4 for every $7 of your total bet. Of course, you will find that this ratio varies strongly depending on the competitors and the bets placed by the other players on them, so this is usually not fixed until the start of the game.

2. Group Betting

As we have said, the winner of the Earth Tennis game must win three sets out of five, or two out of three, depending on the tournament type. Of course, this bet is more difficult than the previous bet, where in this bet you predict the number of groups won by the player you bet on, not just the winning player. That means you’re betting that Nadal will win the game 3-1. That is, Nadal will win 3 sets out of 5 sets, but the other player will be able to win in midfield. Or 3 – 0, which means that Nadal managed to resolve the game in three consecutive sets. What is interesting about this bet, of course, is its returns, which far exceed the returns of the previous type of bet.

3. Bets in the Future

This type of betting is more complex than the previous two. In this type, you do not bet on the winner of a particular game but bet on the winner of the competition as a whole! For example, you will bet before the start of the French Open, that the winner of the title of this tournament is Nadal. Of course, the returns of these bets are very large, but it needs a lot of experience from the gambler, because of the many factors that must be taken into account whether the player’s history in this tournament, the type of stadiums to be held, the fitness of the player before the tournament, and other important factors also.

4. Statistical Tote

One of the most exciting bets on the planet is betting on tennis. This type of betting is divided into many categories, most notably the winner of the first group, will there be a draw? In which round will the player be excluded? Or the number of groups to be played in the game. Of course, the returns of this type of betting are greater, but it requires a great deal of experience and conciliation.


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