Poker School: Learn 5 of the Best Poker Tricks

One of the best things about poker is that you do not have to get the best hand, so you can win the prize, sometimes you only need great audacity! The trick is exciting and entertaining, but it is also necessary for you to succeed in poker. If you think you are quiet when you are planning a triple trick with high chips from the chips at $0.25 / $0.50 in 888, God only knows what you will think when you see one of these crazy people, they venture into a trick in world poker tournaments. Let us discover these five tricks:

5) The trick that ignited poker boom

The lists of such a hoax have the highest rankings because of their importance to the poker world, and while we agree that the trick is classified as the highest level, we believe that there are better tricks to offer you.

The hoax of poker flourished in 2003 and showed the world that an amateur player could beat a professional player in his own game, taking a step forward with Chris Money Maker.

4) The player “Brad Booth” deceives the player “Phil Ivey” with only four cards of the type of two and without a chip

David Williams was the first to bet on a $ 1,800 bid, and he was born and nine. Booth chose the third to $ 5,800 with the lowest cards two and four, Ivy was surprised by the fact that a pair of red stayed doubled the fourth to $ 14,000, and any natural player would turn his weak hands at that point, but Booth took over and continued playing.

Effie had three, seven and six cards with a $ 23,000 bet and the tour was apparently over. However, Booth had other plans and bid up to $ 300,000, as if you had the top four cards against the world’s best poker player! It was a stroke of luck and I succeeded because Ivy left the cards and won the Booth bet.

3) Phil Ivey bet payments with five draws out of range

Most people will not think of deception with five or two cards, but Phil Ivy is not like most people. In that epic trick, he won the first three bets against the opening of Gary Gerstein’s auction and then in the fifth bet he bet on everything he has. When Lakes Fields had four bets, and Ivey’s last bet was over $ 197,000!

2) Isaac Hackston won the War of Settlement with Ryan Dawett

This next hand is derived from the book “How to manipulate the player and not play your cards”, and how is the high level of thinking that the best poker players have, and simply this hand can be the number one on our list because, well, that shiny hand! Check them out and let loose a place to charge the table!

1) Paul Jackson and Phil Ivy, trick versus trick

Paul Jackson’s trick against Phil Ivy is what poker players’ talk about all over the world, and we have nothing more to say than watch it online because it’s crazy.


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