How Hidden Roulette Devices can Predict the Winner

What are Roulette Computers?

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Roulette computers are hidden electronic devices that can predict where the ball will settle on the roulette wheel. These devices calculate the speed and rate of slowing the wheel of roulette and ball to determine the sector on which the ball will settle the approximate. It’s by far the fastest and most ways in which you can defeat the roulette wheel. Although there are many computers in the past period, most of them are primitive and only win the old roulette wheels. Very few of these devices achieve high accuracy in predicting the place of ballparking on modern roulette wheels.

How do these devices work?

The scientific theory in which roulette computers work is very simple. Below we discuss two main features to take into consideration for these devices to have a correct prediction.

The dominant diamonds

Often the ball hits certain diamonds more than others. This is called “dominant diamonds” and this happens on almost every wheel. You can easily make sure of this on the wheel of your casino by playing a small graph. Regardless of the speed of the ball, the dominant diamonds will remain as they are, and they usually occur as a result of minor flaws in the ball’s path and these things are impossible for the casino to prevent.

Expected activity rate of the ball

The activity rate of the ball is impossible to be completely random. If you know where you will first hit the pocket, you will have a reasonable idea of the final landing place of the ball. You do not need to be right every time, but all you need is to have some idea to have an overall advantage in your game. The following graph shows the typical results when observing the activity rate and the bounce of the ball. Again, this is something that you can easily make sure of through the roulette wheel at the casino you play in.


Let’s summarize the scientific side of it: most of the wheels have dominant diamonds so you know where the ball will fall most of the time. You also know the approximate distance at which the activity of the ball will bounce. So, to expect the winning number, all you need is to know roughly any number of the dominant diamonds when the ball falls. This is not difficult to calculate. Remember that the casino limit in the game is only about – 2.7% in most of the wheels, so all the player needs is a little precision in the expectations to achieve the advantage and thus profit continuously.

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