Memory Training: The Most Dangerous Gambler in the World

Dominique O’Brien, the best memory player in the world, has won the international championships several times in 10 years and can keep thousands of cards memorized in seconds, including poker cards. Due to his talent he is considered the most dangerous gambler in the world, and also banned from all casinos all over the world.

His childhood health problems have not prevented him from becoming a world champion in preserving things and asserts that anyone can do it, and all that is required is creative thinking.

A train accident in his youth

At the age of 59, he confessed to the media that he suffered from dyslexia and attention deficit in his youth. He also suffered from a car accident during infancy, which caused several bruises on the upper part of the head. Doctors thought the injuries could cause some damage to the brain.

He started training his memory after he saw a player who kept a set of poker cards on while he was watching TV, it was amazing for him, he decided to learn how to do it, according to the site “Mantle Health.”

The beginning of training his memory

At the age of 30, Dominique began to train his memory. He says that after only two weeks he began to memorize things in an unusual way. Three months later, he began to memorize a wide range of cards. A year later, he entered the Guinness World Book of Records as he memorized the order of 5 groups, each containing 52 cards.

After scoring the first record, Norris McWriter, co-founder of the Guinness Book of Records, had told him that the human maximum limit for memorizing cards was 6 sets, but Dominique proved the opposite a short time later when he managed to memorize 54 sets of 2808 cards to enter Guinness once again in 2002.

How can memory be developed?

According to Dominique, the human memory has no limits. It can be continuously developed through training. He began memory training by developing new methods, which was first discovered by the Greeks, predicted to have been invented more than 2,000 years ago.

How to turn yourself into a universal memory hero

“Try to remember as many things in short periods of time, for example, keeping cards in your mind and remembering about 100 names in 10 minutes,” he said.

The most difficult challenge for him, he says, is to remember the numbers. In tournaments, for example, the speaker reads a large number of numbers at a very high speed, and you have to remember them, which is very difficult.


In 1991, Dominique took advantage of his strong memory in gambling and made a big profit by playing at casinos, but news of his expertise soon spread to all casinos in Britain, Las Vegas and other countries.

Dominique has written several books on memory training

However, Dominique says that strong memory is beneficial to many people in life and makes a big difference in improving the way of life.

Dominique O’Brien has authored several books on memory training, co-founded the Memory Tournament for Schools in the UK and is also a seasoned speaker at conferences and seminars on the benefits of brain training.

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